The Loan Process

Below we have outlined the basics of the loan process.

Excel Mortgage Corporation

Loan Process

Initial Consultation

Let's talk! We can help you find the financing solution that's right for you. We'll take into account your target monthly payments given your unique credit history, employment history, income, debt and financial goals.  Based on current underwriting guidelines, we'll provide you with an idea of what terms and loan program you can expect to benefit most from given your unique situation.

Pre-Qualify For Your Loan

We'll ask for information from you about employment, assets, residence history, etc. and ask your permission to run your credit score. Once we review all this information, we give you a Pre-Qualification Letter. Your realtor will use this letter to make an offer on the home you choose and the seller can feel confident knowing you're pre-qualified. Now, you can focus your energy on finding a home you'll love, while we find you a loan.

Apply For Your Loan

Once you make an offer and the sellers accept it, it's time to complete the loan application. With us as the liaison, the lender will review the application and documents and provide a decision.

Appraisal and Title Work

When required, an appraisal report will be ordered and a title search will be completed for every transaction to ensure the property is free and clear of liens. We’ll order and monitor these services for timely delivery.

Your Loan Is Funded

We’ll work with your title company or attorney to make sure all of the papers for your financing are in order. On the closing day, you will sign after we’ve carefully reviewed the loan documents with you.

We are still here...

Especially during your first year of ownership, you are going to have questions: What do I do with this tax bill?  Is my sewer bill included in my escrow?  How do I get my closing paperwork to prepare my taxes?  We are here to answer your questions, provide documentation or identify a resource in your community.  Just because the transaction is completed, doesn’t mean our work is done.  We’re still here...